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Person receiving a bike fitting using Goniometer Tool

Bike Fitting

Fitting a cyclist is more than finding the correct body position, it's about setting and aligning your bio-mechanics to work alongside proper position. Every bike fitting includes a full analysis of your riding efficiency and body alignment to enhance your bike fit, riding comfort, and produce more power. 

We provide exceptional bike fitting for cyclists in Columbia, Baltimore, the Washington D.C. area and beyond. Visit Maryland's premier bike fitting studio and unlock your full riding potential today!

Bike Fitting Philosophy & Tools

Through years of bike fitting experience in Maryland and extensive training with top innovators, leading sports scientists, biomechanists, exercise physiologists, and researchers across the country, we truly understand the interface of a rider and bike is the key to optimizing power, endurance, injury prevention, and comfort.  


Our unwavering passion lies in unlocking your biomechanical riding potential.  As a result, we continuously strive to understand and improve the intricate relationship between the human body and the bike.  To ensure your best, long-lasting, and injury-free ride, we also employ the latest tools and knowledge in cycling science, investing in ongoing advancements.

In our Performance Bike Fit, we meticulously hand-selected cutting-edge bike fit tools that work synergistically to elevate your experience and deliver exceptional results.

State of the Art Dynamic Bike Fitting 

  • Provides cyclists with almost infinite, dynamic body position movement quickly and efficiently

  • Allows riders to experience multiple crank length options to optimize biomechanics

  • Enables accurate adjustments to test and retest biomechanics

Happy person receving a bike fitting at 90+
3D Motion Capture Camera

3D Motion Capture Cameras

  • In-depth analysis of cyclist's biomechanics and movement

  • Captures precise data on body position, joint angles, and pedal stroke

  • Enables fine-tuning of positioning and real-time visual feedback during bike fitting sessions

Saddle Pressure Mapping

  • Provides a comprehensive evaluation of saddle contact and pressure points, highlighting the effects of positional adjustments on those areas

  • Identifies areas of discomfort or potential injury

  • Enables customized adjustments to ensure optimal weight distribution.  Translation - your butt is happier on the bike for longer!

John Hughes Using Gebiomized Saddle pressure mapping
Bike Fitting in Process BandWScaledforweb.jpg

Bike Fitting Services Menu

Performance Bike Fit

The ultimate bike fitting experience utilizing state of the art tools and analysis


  • 3-3.5 Devoted 1 on 1 hours

  • Comprehensive Evaluation

    • History, Goals

  • Strength and Flexibility Screening

  • Foot Evaluation

  • High-Speed Camera Analysis

  • Saddle Pressure Analysis

  • Dynamic Fitting Adjustments into the Optimal Position

  • Crank Length Testing

  • Bike Adjustments and Optimization

  • Full Report and Evaluation Results

    • Measurements

    • Before and After Photos

Bike Fit

Level up your riding longevity and prevent injury by tailoring your unique fit


  • Bike fitting service designed specifically for cycling enthusiasts to increase riding longevity focused on those with clip-in pedals

  • Leg alignment

  • Professional cleat setup

  • Extensive foot evaluation

  • Analysis of body position and riding efficiency

  • Establish proper saddle height and fore/aft position

  • Determine your individual stem and bar position

Bike Fit

Optimize your body to bike connection and enjoy your ride to the fullest


  • Bike fitting service for casual riders or those in need of comfort assistance

  • Establish proper saddle height and fore/aft position

  • Determine your individual stem and bar position

  • Suitable for individuals using platform pedals

  • Analysis of body position and riding efficiency

  • Basic saddle fitting can be included if required

Pre Purchase Bike Fit

Determine the best size bike and specifications for the most optimal bike fit


  • Full fit conducted prior to bike purchase (see performance fit)

  • Buy with confidence online, used, or from local bike shops knowing our data-focused process will provide the right size & fit match

  • Access to an extensive database to find the bike that fits your unique body

  • All the necessary adjustments and modifications provided to ensure satisfaction with your fit and your new or used bike purchase

PerformanceCleat Fitting

Fully optimize the stability, comfort and power where the shoe meets the pedal


  • Full foot evaluation and movement analysis including weighted and unweighted mechanical changes

  • Multiple cleat placement variables reviewed and tested including by not limited to

    • Cleat Fore/Aft (forward and back)​

    • Cleat Medial Lateral (side to side)

    • Cleat Rotation

  • Interventions applied and tested to enhance comfort, power, efficiency, and stability​

Saddle Fit & Saddle Demo

Riding shouldn't be a pain in the @$$.  We will help you find the most comfortable seat for you.


  • Analysis of riding and current saddle position

  • Rapidly test the Mid-Atlantic's (Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C's) largest saddle selection for your optimal saddle match

  • Expert bike fitter support in testing saddle shapes and multiple saddle angles

  • Try before you buy program provides you with the opportunity to demo saddles prior to purchase (deposit required).

  • Utilize rider feedback and analysis criteria to match your rear to the right seat.


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“Amazing as always! John and the 90+ cycling crew are my go to for any and all off my bike fitting needs."

Robert M.


Transform Your Ride!

Come visit our premier bike fitting studio today to experience your best ride. Serving passionate cyclists in the mid-Atlantic: Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis and all of Maryland!

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