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Woman using aero bars during bike fitting session

Bike Fitting

Fitting a cyclist is more than finding the correct body position, it's about setting and aligning your bio-mechanics to work alongside proper position. Every bike fitting includes a full analysis of your riding efficiency and body alignment to enhance your fit, riding comfort, and produce more power.

Our Services

90+ Cycling has trained with some of the top innovators, leading sports scientists, biomechanists, exercise physiologists and researchers in bike fitting.  

Understanding the interface of a rider and bike is the key to optimizing power, endurance, injury prevention, and comfort.  Our Purely Custom Fit bike, stop motion video, and GebioMized pressure mapping are the tools we use with the latest knowledge in cycling science.

90+ also offers Pre Purchase Bike Fit!  We can do your full fit prior to your bike purchase to determine the best size bike and specs needed to dial your fit in.  You can buy with confidence, consumer direct, used or from your local bike shop.  We make the adjustments and modifications needed to match your fit!  We also have access to a database of bikes to search to see what fits you best.

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