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About Us

We at 90+ are riders like you, and after years of experience and working with an array of products, we only provide the highest quality brands and service for our customers, ensuring we're a bike shop you can always trust. We are proud to be a part of the Columbia and Ellicott City community, serving cyclists in Howard County, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and the greater DC metro area. 

John Hughes Founder and Owner of 90+ Cycling

Meet John

Founder & Owner of 90+ Cycling

John Hughes has been actively engaged in the cycling community since 1991.  With over twenty years of racing experience and having managed several bike shops throughout that time, John's love for the sport of cycling has only continued to grow both on and off the clock. Eventually, this led him to want to create his own niché within the world of cycling, giving back to the local cycling community with the knowledge and experience he had acquired. As a result, the concept of 90+ Cycling began to come alive.

In 2011, John started 90+, which has since grown into a cutting-edge bike fit studio and repair shop. John's dedication to craft and the cycling industry has inspired rave reviews from both athletes and recreational cyclists. John wants the absolute best for every client, helping you to improve race times and personal "bests," all while riding comfortably and efficiently. 90+ accomplishes this through effective bike repairs and precise bike fitting, making sure you are always ready for your next ride.

Meet Tim

Physical Therapist at 90+ Cycling

Tim Caprio is an avid mountain biker and a committed physical therapist. He enjoys bike racing and how cycling allows him to enjoy nature and escape life's everyday stressors. After receiving his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2013 from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Tim worked extensively in orthopedics with a focus on biomechanical assessment as a PT. As a physical therapist, Tim enjoys problem-solving people's pain, working with clients visit-to-visit so they can return to things that were once painful and difficult for them to do. He soon developed an interest in combining his love of cycling with his background in PT, and that's when Tim decided to join 90+ Cycling. Tim appreciates the analytical and data-driven approach 90+ has with every bike fit, and is excited to continue helping more riders maximize their comfort and performance on their bikes.

Tim Caprio Physical Therapist at 90+ Cycling

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Our expertise isn't just something to read about. Experience our bike fitting and repair skills first-hand!

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